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My name is Esther van der Wal (1980) and I live in Deventer, The Netherlands, with my partner and son. In January 2010 I started my own business, Redactiebureau Sterk, for which I work as a writer, editor and translator.  I write columns, articles, business texts, website texts, travel stories, reviews, tweets and blogs on a great variety of topics. Besides that, I translate manuals, games, websites, product brochures and company newsletters from English and Spanish into Dutch.

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I am proud of what I do. I thoroughly enjoy writing, editing and translating - and it shows! The quality of the target text is always my main focus. Clear and friendly communication is also very important to me. If anything is unclear, I ask questions and if I agree on a deadline, I stick to it. I expect the same professional attitude from my customers. Together, we can achieve great results: creative texts at a reasonable price.That's why Redactiebureau Sterk provides star quality!

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Want to find out more? Have a look at some of my work and see for yourself if my style resonates with you. Now that you know me a little, I'm also curious to find out who you are. Follow me on Twitter for a fast and easy way to get in touch. Or drop me a line and tell me who you are and what I can do for you. I'd love to help out!

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